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Discover the Cévennes in the south of France (Gard)


In a unique setting, the natural area ofCamping"The heights of Labahou» offers you a journey closer to nature. Check out the "glamping" solo, duo or tribe. 

You will find all the necessary comfort for the success of your stay.

It's a moment for you, away in one of ourhutsor in alodge, with the only echo, the wind in the branches.


We offer: alodge tent5 people, onestilt tent2 people and one4 person tentwith suspended hammock net, so you will stay there in peace without promiscuity.
Calm and direct contact with nature are the key words of the estate.

Located 3km awayfrom Anduze, towards St Jean du Gard, the natural area has a superb panoramic view of the Porte desCevennes, shaded or sunny spaces and a commercial area 500 meters away.


A direct start of a superb hike.


The success of a pleasant stay which will allow you to discover the charm and the good products of our Cévennes.

Contact us

Natural Camping Area “LES HAUTS DE LABAHOU”
140 Road of Saint Jean du Gard
30140 Anduze

Mobile:  06 03 93 38 88or 06 26 46 45 94
Such :+33 4 66 61 77 90


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